2020 Virtual Festival

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While music festivals like Coachella, SXSW and Lollapalooza are cancelling due to Covid-19, Light at the Lighthouse Festival is going virtual.


September 26, 2020 from 6 to 8 pm, Light At The Lighthouse will host their annual music festival online. Celebrating 15 years of local music at the historic Point Fermin Lighthouse, the Light At The Lighthouse Music Festival is one of the longest running local music festivals in Southern California.


Mark Mohr from the internationally acclaimed Christian Reggae band Christafari says... “Light At The Lighthouse is one of the most underrated music festivals in all of Southern California. Every other festival we attend there is a huge segregation between the artist and the audience. Light At The Lighthouse breaks down all those walls. It’s like a family day at the park.”


Bill Fleury, organizer and founder of Light At The Lighthouse says... “Light At The Lighthouse Music Festival began in 2005 to unite local churches, nonprofit organizations and local businesses to bring the community the biggest and best faith-based music festival in the South Bay. And this year our theme is 'Save the Family, Save the World.' If you don't stay faithful to, and love, the person you are married to and your own kids, how can you possibly 'love your neighbor as yourself'? There are too many hurting and hating people in the world who grew up without feeling the love of God and the love of an intact family. We want to do our part to change that."

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