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Reigniting Hope One Zambulance at a Time

ReIgnite Hope is a unique training program that started on Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles teaching valuable job skills to men and women, many of whom have been homeless, gang members and ex-offenders. ReIgnite Hope offers a free, four month welding and metal fabrication program. An American Welding Society inspector tests the students who complete the course and 100% of the students have passed their certification test. The welding program offers intense Stick and MIG welding training as well as exposing students to Flux Core and TIG.

ReIgnite Hope has three main goals:

First, to help men and women change their lives through learning God’s Word and basic life skills. Second, to teach students a marketable job skill, giving them dignity, and enabling them to provide for their families. Third, to save lives in Africa through bicycle-drawn ambulances fabricated by the students during their training which are shipped to remote villages in Africa to transport critically injured and sick patients to a hospital. Each ambulance saves an average of one life a week, which fulfills the vision of ReIgnite Hope – – Changing Lives Here, Saving Lives There. The ambulances are distributed in Africa through our partnership with Zambikes, an organization dedicated to saving lives in Africa by connecting remote villages to critical treatment through transportation. The bicycle-drawn ambulances are fabricated by the students during their training. The ambulances are shipped, free of charge, to remote villages in Africa to transport critically injured and sick patients to a hospital hours sooner than by stretcher or wheelbarrow. Each ambulance saves on average of one life per week.

Re-Ignite Hope Zambulance Program

The ReIgnite Hope job-training program, under the leadership of Steve Bunyard, is provided FREE to the students. More than 200 men and women have completed their training, all have been certified by the American Welding Society and 90% of the graduates are now employed!

For more information on ReIgnite Hope, visit:

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