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Handmade Angel Masks for Hospitals

Angel Gowns is making and delivering masks to local hospitals and clinics. If you are making them at home and would like them to be delivered to the same locations, drop them at Waterfront Studios- 525 N Harbor Blvd, San Pedro, directly across from the cruise ship terminal and the Fanfare Fountains. 11 am til 2 pm. We have mask kit packets for those whop want to sew. Each packet makes about 12 masks.

Angel Gowns of South Bay was founded in February 2018 by San Pedro artist and resident, Gayle Fleury, to help ease the suffering of parents who have lost their children before, during, or shortly after birth in a small but meaningful way. A group of dedicated volunteers meet monthly at Waterfront Studios to deconstruct donated wedding gowns. They are then cut, sewn and lovingly finished and packaged. Each gown has a set of angel wings added to it, to help them on their journey. Completed gowns are distributed to local hospitals and care centers, where chaplains or charge nurses donate to families who need a kind gesture from the community to help ease their grief.

Please visit the website for more information:

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