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Keep Light at the Lighthouse Music Festival FREE! Donate today!

Light at the Lighthouse Music Festival began in 2005 and has united local churches, non-profit organizations, and local businesses to bring the community the biggest and best faith-based music festival in the South Bay. Bands from all around come to picturesque Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, CA to perform at this all-ages, family-friendly event each year. The coastal views and historic landmark, Point Fermin Lighthouse, are perfect for setting up a picnic and taking in the music with good friends, new and old. We hope to see you at this year's festival on Saturday, August 25th, 10am-6pm! WE NEED YOUR HELP! Each year, Light at the Lighthouse Music Festival is organized and produced to be free to the public. The estimated cost to put on this year's festival is approximately $60,000. We already have a few sponsors and are seeking more help, both corporate and individuals to help offset the costs and help raise the remaining $15,000 before August 25th. Become a Venue Sponsor for the following: Main Stage-$6,000 Edge Stage-$3,500 Worship Stage-$3,500 If you cannot sponsor at the Venue Sponsor level, become an individual donor! Every donation helps! Other Sponsorship Levels: Headliners-$1,000 and above Superstars-$400 and above Stars-$200 and above Performers-$75 and above Our attendees will receive top-of-the line performances from over 30 bands on 4 different stages. A Kutless concert ticket alone typically goes for and average of $30. We understand that not all attendees would be able to purchase a ticket at that price, but if even 150 of our fans were to give even $100 a person, or if even 1,500 fans gave $10 we could potentially reach our goal! Donate here: 

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